Its defintitely not too late !!

A few people have e-mailed me saying it’s too late / getting to late to plant now it’s absolutely NOT the seasons are changing on the whole we are getting later colder springs and more often than not warmer Autumns

A lot of places in the UK were still getting frost last week ok we’ve had periods of warmer weather but on the whole the nights have been far to cold for planting many things out.

People get anxious when the garden centres are full of plants weeks ago what you have to realise is they grow to a plan probably put down a year before their growers are huge nurseries with temperature controlled greenhouses and the contracts are such that if the garden centres cancel orders for plants because it’s too cold there will be huge penalties involved so they have to take the stock they don’t care that the growing conditions in your garden are not suitable they will put a sign up saying protect from frost so their backs are covered and hope you don’t heed their warning and come back for more when the frost has killed them all

The garden centres are full of stretched and poor looking plants because they’ve been sat their for so long

I sow according to what the spring is like ok that means you have to wait a bit because we then have a huge amount of orders to get out at once but what you will get is superb quality plants in the right condition and growth to thrive in your garden

So please consider this before sending me angry messages because I don’t like letting people down and it really hurts when I’ve passionately grown things with love and care for people to then turn round and say I don’t want them it’s too late

Happy growing Keith

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