Orders Update 26th July

I am trying to get as many plants out to people that have ordered as I possibly can But I am sure you can appreciate this weather is causing considerable difficulties

Such As : Lettuce doesn’t germinate above 30c so with the greenhouse in the 40’s daily with the vents fully open thats an issue
Many salad items and spinach in this heat runs to seed very quickly so only gives me a very short dispatching window
Butterfly numbers have been huge this summer and its impossible to prevent them getting in the greenhouses with the roof vents open 24/7 so caterpillars have become a real problem and stripped my brassicas

So to try and get round these issues I have sown more lettuce, salad and spinach and put on outside benches in the hope the slightly lower outside temperature compared to in the greenhouses will at least allow them to germinate

Brassicas have also been re-sown and are growing on under enviromesh to prevent the butterflies getting at them

I am doing the best I can for you but this really is the worst growing season I have ever known first with the extreme cold and now the other extreme and extreme heat and i thought the weird Tomato germination last year was bad enough this even tops the summer of 2003 for me when on a nursery I used to manage in Bucks I was responsible for trying to root 50,000 poinsettia cuttings during that period when the record of 38.5c was reached in Kent and the greenhouses were regularly in the mid 40’s c

This weather is predicted and forecast to last on the whole right through August and September so I think most veg is still worth planting if thats the case the only thing that will stop summer veg growing is cold nights and if this is going to last then that is not going to be an issue and I think as time goes on our timings for planting will have to change as I think our seasons are going to gradually shift to give us colder early springs and warmer autumns and our planting ideas will need to adapt to that Ive seen it shift over the 11 yrs we have supplied veg and we have pushed the boundaries when I started 11 yrs ago it was quite rare to see veg plants in garden centres in the Autumn now its the norm and I think that is because of the success we had with Autumn veg in the early years

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