Change Of Direction

As many of you will know I am no longer doing most veg by Mail order, I have recently moved to new premesis the other side of Bristol and as part of the move I am moving away from the mail order veg to enable me to serve my Tomato customers properly as Tomatoes is where my real passion lies and last year trying to do both veg and tomatoes was a complete disaster.

So as part of the move I have almost drawn a line under the past and started again and my focus thus will be as follows

1. Tomato and the other Items on the Tomato website from March-June Main focus everything else to be done around the Tomato business and only as time allows thats not needed on Tomatoes

2. Any veg I have time to grow to be grown and sold on site March to June then a full Autumn program

3. Any flowering plants and other plants to be grown and bought in and sold on site andf again a full Autumn program

4. After the main tomato season is over a shift to growing on Tomatoes etc both for seed production and selling of the produce

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