Orders Update

We are making progress with the orders But do have an awful lot to get caught up with at present so do please bare with us I am constantly changing and tweaking things to try to get orders out as quickly as possible, and I am going to try to get an extra person on packing for the next couple of weeks, so we have two packing and two picking if at all possible. For those that haven’t purchased off us before I am only a small company and therefore don’t have huge resources to rely on that the large companies have at their disposal.

If at all possible can you refrain from e-mailing to inquire about a delivery date unless its to tell me your going away or if you do e-mail please accept it may take me a few days to reply as I am commuting from Weston-Super-Mare to the new nursery the other side of Bristol that is adding another 2 hours to my day that I am not at home in the office to reply to e-mails which makes things very difficult indeed I am reading all e-mails but have limited time to reply as I also have to book in the parcels with Royal Mail or the courier on Monday-Thursday evenings so this really only leaves the weekends to sit and reply to all the e-mails And Please if you don’t get a reply straight away don’t go and open a PayPal dispute as that really does throw a spanner in the works and makes a lot more work for me dealing with PayPal as they get very jumpy and start holding funds and blocking money transfers to the bank etc.

We will get the orders out as fast we are able to if your growing outside its still been a bit cold to be planting out anyway, Most of the plants now are getting a good size and being in 6 cm coir pots they grow away rapidly once planted

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