Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery times : Delivery will be made as soon as possible within the time slot selected, However at busy times particularly April-June and again Sept delays are likely and unless you have pre-arranged with me BEFORE ordering delivery will not be within one week and may take two-three weeks if were really busy.

Are you a large company : No we started off as a small family business now its me and part time packers.

How are your plants grown : They are grown in plug trays mainly and some items like Salads are multiple sown plugs others like Brassicas are single sown. And things like Courgettes etc are sown in 6cm Coir pots or large plugs most are sown in wool and bracken veg compost from Dalefoot composts which have just been certified as Organic by the Soil Association

How are your plants packed : The plugs are palced between sheets of cardboard and wrapped in newspaper, The pots are sent in recyclable PET green plastic blister packs if small enough or wrapped in corrugated card.

How are the plants sent : Either by Royal Mail 24 hr or UKmail depending on size and weight of the order. generally orders 2kg or less go Royal Mail those over 2kg By courier.

When is the payment taken : As soon as you order

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