Abraham Lincoln


Plants available early April to late July in 6cm Pots

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The Original Abe Lincoln Tomato: This wonderful old heirloom was shared with us by Diann Dirks – The Garden Lady of Georgia (Her gardening blog can be found at www.thegardenladyofga. wordpress.com). Diann is a seed saver and seed sharer at heart and received this variety from a gentleman she had struck up a conversation with one day while pumping gas. She writes ?A man (in his 80?s?) and I got to talking while pumping gas and I told him I collected seeds. He said he grew the original Abe Lincoln tomato–not the ones that were later sold but from the 1923 seed catalog.? Released by H.W. Buckbees in 1923, this meaty variety has incredible thick flesh with a tiny seed core and great old-fashioned tomato flavor. Vines are indeterminate with medium to large red fruit.

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