Lizzano F1


Plants available early April to late July in 6cm Pots

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 The plant stays dwarf, while the tomatoes just keep coming — far later than most others!

 This AAS winner is the first tomato ever tolerant of Late Blight!

63 days from setting out transplants.

Welcome to the new world of semi-determinate tomatoes! Lizzano is a patio type, quite compact. But even though it stays small, it keeps setting new fruit all season long — in fact, because it is the first variety ever to demonstrate tolerance of Late Blight, it continues far longer than most others!

Lizzano is a cherry tomato with neat, round 1-inch-diameter red fruit. The tomatoes are yummy and just the right size for snacking, dipping, and salads. They arise all over well-branched little plants just 16 to 20 inches tall and no more than 20 inches wide. Set Lizzano into hanging baskets, tall planters, and other containers, or even into the vegetable patch (where it may require staking, since it is a trailing variety) — Lizzano is adaptable and easy!

Very disease resistant, this plant remains vigorous and healthy all season. You will love the generous and long season of production, the compact habit, and the delicious eating! Give it a try this season!


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