Urgent Notice It has been bought to my attention that the product images are not showing by a customer and this is also the same for what I am viewing However my website hosts are only seeing the website as it should be and are unable to replicate the problem

If you are also not able to view any product images can you please e-mail me @ and let me know the same is also happening on the Toamato website and at the moment I have no idea what is causing the issue so apologies for any inconvenience

Please note as this is a small company of just myself and a part time packer It can get quite busy during the Autumn so delivery is likely to take a little while and will not be within the first week of ordering !!. But we will get it out as quick as we are able and if there is a reason you need urgent delivery please contact me before ordering to see if that is possible. You can contact me by e-mail @

For the latest order update please see my most recent Blog Post



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