We have now started dispatching orders this past week and a lot of plants are now ready I do still have a few small tomatoes unfortunately on some of the more popular varieties, but they are growing and I will probably notice a big difference again tomorrow as I have been away for a family wedding this weekend so not seen the plants since Friday.
A small few varieties ive either had germination failures or some of them have died off after pricking out but I have re-sown many of them
Sunsugar is a total crop failure I had huge problems getting seed for it this year and ended up finding them on Amazon unfortunately it didn’t say they were from China which are notoriously bad at germinating. I will replace these with either sungold, sun baby or bottondoro I will no longer be offering Sunsugar in the future as it nearly impossible to get seed for it now.
Ananas noir is another one but has been re-sown

Any that have issues I will either Sub if you have marked that as OK or I will send what is ready and send the other odd one or two when ready or refund if you have selected no subs
I have two packers (sisters) this year who are both very good and both are doing longer hrs than previous years, so we will get your orders out as fast as we can now they’re ready,

But please do be patient I know it’s the end of April now But the timing this year was always going to be a bit trial and error as I didn’t know how the Tomatoes would react being grown under polythene instead of glass The ones sown in plugs grew rapidly But the once sown using my petri dish method ive used successfully over the last few years did not do so well as they have previous years because It has gotten extremely hot in there at times, so they have struggled a bit until this week to get going once pricked out.

So for next year I know to start earlier and will sow the Peppers and Aubergines late Dec/Early Jan and the tomatoes Late Jan/Early Feb

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