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I have been the Mail Order vegetable plant specialist for the last 11 years and have always had the largest choice of veg plants anywhere in the UK with many unusual and hard to get veg varieties.

Many of the mixes seen in seed ranges such as mixed Beetroot, Mixed French Beans, Mixed Mangetout Peas were all first introduced by me as mixes as plug plants before the seed companies released them as seed mixes.

So I have been at the fore front of Veg ideas for the home gardener for many years.

Due to the popularity of our Mail Order Tomato business which boasts a staggering 800 + varieties I am unable to supply veg plants during the main Tomato season except for those grown in pots which you will find in our summer category So my main veg season will be July to October/November for late summer/Autumn and over wintered Veg

This may change in the future as the business grows at the new premises we moved to over winter and I can afford more staff But at the moment it’s not physically possible to do both during the March to June period

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